TOP expositie bij LamBert van de Bekende kunstenaar: Paul ‘Pablo’ Timms The Punk Artist of a new generation

Diverse mooie grote Olieverf werken aanwezig in de Galerie vanaf 1 mei 2019.

Paul ‘Pablo’ Timms is The Punk Artist of a new generation not your typical artist. From early on in his career, in 2014, he very quickly discovered an aversion toward the formulaic and traditional concepts of artistic endeavor, and developed a unique form of oil painting that has already proven timeless and enduring in its ability to mesmerize those who engage in it. Influenced heavily by the aesthetics of Gothic Art, modern masters such as Frank Frazetta, & H.R. Giger, the prophetic writings of William Blake and the more extreme elements of subcultures including heavy metal and punk, Paul often referred to as “The Punk artist”, constantly pushes the boundaries from what he terms an “archaeology of the unconscious” establishing a unique movement through his embodiment of the manifesto of the New Gothic. From this emerges the depth and richness in his unusual style that frames his central philosophy; that from darkness emerges light.
Since the rapid formulation of Paul’s career his work has found it’s way to public and private collections nationally and internationally in more than 26 towns and cities across 14 countries: Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, South Africa, USA, and the UK. More than 100 works of art have been purchased from clients including local & iconic drinks manufacturer Kean Ltd, the offices of Olympia Ocean Carriers, private equity firm House of Lontos, Photiou Architects, Stelios Michaelides Architects, and award winning lawyer Alexis of Solomon Chambers. Since 2018 Paul’s work had entered the family collection of one of the most famous British artists of the past four decades, Maggi Hambling (OBE/CBE), and shortly thereafter the high quality of his work was officially recognized by the renowned art historian & art advisor Professor Bernhard Boehler.
Paul is trained in the fields of Biology, History and Philosophy.